About Our Company

Fifth and Forever LLC, a Manhattan-based firm, is a family owned real estate business that specializes in luxury residential sales, leasing, commercial property, marketing, new developments, investments and property management. We've worked in the New York real estate industry since 2006 in a variety of forms including brokers, salespersons and property managers. We understand that our customers define the standard of quality and service, and that their loyalty must be earned.

Our goal is to be the apartment home provider of choice by meeting our clients' needs and fulfilling their dreams with homes that reflect their style, personality, and individuality. We deliver exceptional performance as a fully cohesive marketing and management firm by utilizing the most modern wide spectrum of technological advances available in the real estate industry today.

We quickly adapt to the diversity of individual investors, markets, buyers, sellers and prospective renters through sound leadership, an unparalleled industry expertise and our unwavering commitment to service. Innovation, resourcefulness, quality and hunger in service and proficiency are the fundamentals to our success and future growth. As a full service agency engaging in a thoroughly collaborative process of finding, selling or renting a home, Fifth & Forever covers all New York neighborhoods for sales, leasing, new development marketing, corporate relocation and property management. Our all-inclusive services address all aspects of our clients' relocation needs.