Jermaine Williams

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Jermaine is an accomplished professional known for his driven worth ethic and personable approach. He focuses on his commitment to satisfying the best possible transactions to meet the needs and wants of his clients by using his confidence and executing his finely-tuned negotiating skills.

Born in New York but raised in South Carolina, Jermaine grew up in a family focused on real estate and development, which inspired him to want to pursue a career in real estate. He was also taught the value of taking care of people and serving his clients as well as working towards building a long term business relationship with them in hopes of continuing to be the best agent that meets their needs in the buying, selling, and renting market. In 2007 Jermaine made the decision to move back to New York where he felt the market was more diverse, and for 11 years now he has been navigating the complexity of the city's real estate scene and has gained a firm grasp of the overall market where he expertly guides his clients from beginning to end.