Shannon Mensah

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

From a very young age, Shannon has always had a passion for helping people in need and doing it efficiently and effectively. She prides herself in making people happy and she strongly believes that happiness starts in the home. Because of her background in art, she strives for beauty and perfection. She carries this passion, care, and attention to detail throughout all of her work and she truly loves the work that she does. Shannon is devoted to her clients and believes that they all deserve to enjoy the most New York City has to offer. She is determined to find the most affordable place for her clients, without sacrificing their wants or needs. Patient and understanding, Shannon thrives with anyone who is indecisive about choosing a place or just new to the area. Either way, she makes the process fun and relaxing but never fails to give you all the information that you need and more. Shannon pays attention not only to style, but also to comfort and affordability, making her a very valuable asset in today's capricious market. Giving up style and comfort in New York City is all too common and Shannon is determined to change that. She never stops working for the client and will not stop until the client is in a place that they truly love. She is an agent you can count on to find a place that you are proud of and want to come home to everyday.